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25 Oct

Wildwatch: 24 October 2012 – Two “firsts” and a little gold!

Weather: Overcast, dry, calm Observers: Hannah, Ian, Janetta, Kaye, Kaj, Linda, Nicole, Tom A big contrast to last week’s Wildwatch – more observers, gloomier weather! Is there a correlation here? Although the light was poor, the autumn colours seemed to glow through the dismal light! It was time to do our monthly “Winter Thrush Survey” […]

25 Oct

Nicole: Apple Day Preparation and Bearing Fruit

Most of the work I had been doing in the last few weeks had been in preparation for the (Not Just) Apple Day. I’d been away for a while, busy with orientation events at the university, but I was happy to come back and jump into my internship again. The first task I helped out […]

17 Oct

Wildwatch: 17 October 2012 – Blue streak returns to St Nicks!

Weather: Sunny with light breeze after heavy early morning rain Observers: Ian, Janetta The heavy rain, which lasted until 9.30 am probably put some people off coming along, but Janetta and Ian enjoyed a bright sunny morning and the emerging Autumn colours. With there being just two of us, we decided to defer the monthly […]

16 Oct

Introducing the Intern

Now would probably be a good time to introduce myself. My name is Nicole and I will be an intern this autumn at St Nicks while I’m in York, studying abroad from Minnesota. When I learned I would be coming here for my internship, I was excited to see how a nature centre in England […]

11 Oct

Wildwatch: 10th October 2012 – Autumn arrives with a gentle touch

Weather: Cool, but dry Observers: Hannah, Hazel, Ian, Janetta, Kaye, Kaj Definitely a touch of Autumn, not just in the cool air, but also in the turning of the leaves, and the increasing amount of fungi observed. We started up the Lime Tree Path, moved along the Bund Path, down the left-hand path down Tang Hall […]

06 Oct

Wildwatch: 3rd October 2012 – Vanishing Species?

Weather: cloudy with alternating drizzle and sunny spells. Cool breeze. Observers: Hanna for first half hour, Kaye Leaves are starting to fall and there is a distinct chill in the wind. Along the becks, muddy tidemarks show last week’s flood levels.  Suddenly it really is autumn, and as though to mark its arrival, a significant […]

26 Sep

Wildwatch: 26 September 2012 – After The Rains..!

Weather: Overcast, a few sunny intervals, light breeze, one light shower Observers: Ian, Janetta, Kaye, Kaj, Nicky After two days of very heavy rain, causing local flooding, this morning was, mercifully, mainly dry. Both Osbaldwick and Tang Hall Becks were very high, with the scenes reminding Ian of flooded Amazonian forests – minus the exotic […]

19 Sep

Wildwatch: 19 September 2012 – A Blitz On Blackbirds!

Weather: Sunny intervals, cool when not in sun Observers: Hannah, Ian, Janetta, Kaye, Linda, Tom This week, our group carried out the first of a series of monthly surveys for the “Winter Thrush” survey, organised by the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology). We followed a route previously set by Ian, which took us along the […]

13 Sep

Wildwatch: 12 September 2012 – It’s Foraging Time!

Weather: Light rain with occasional dry intervals Observers: Hannah, Ian, Janetta, Kaye, Linda, Trish We decided to start off at the Sluice Bridge, where a Water Vole had been seen last week. Look below to see if we were successful or not! After spending some time there, we set off back along the Bund Path and […]

05 Sep

Wildwatch: 5 September 2012: The Return Of The Vole!

Weather: Warm with sunny intervals Observers: Hazel, Ian, Janetta, Kaye, Kaj, Linda What a contrast in the weather from the pouring rain we experienced last week! And the weather change was reflected in the quality of our sightings today. Our bird count was higher than in the past three weeks, butterflies were on the wing […]