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26 Sep

Wildwatch: 26 September 2012 – After The Rains..!

Weather: Overcast, a few sunny intervals, light breeze, one light shower Observers: Ian, Janetta, Kaye, Kaj, Nicky After two days of very heavy rain, causing local flooding, this morning was, mercifully, mainly dry. Both Osbaldwick and Tang Hall Becks were very high, with the scenes reminding Ian of flooded Amazonian forests – minus the exotic […]

19 Sep

Wildwatch: 19 September 2012 – A Blitz On Blackbirds!

Weather: Sunny intervals, cool when not in sun Observers: Hannah, Ian, Janetta, Kaye, Linda, Tom This week, our group carried out the first of a series of monthly surveys for the “Winter Thrush” survey, organised by the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology). We followed a route previously set by Ian, which took us along the […]

13 Sep

Wildwatch: 12 September 2012 – It’s Foraging Time!

Weather: Light rain with occasional dry intervals Observers: Hannah, Ian, Janetta, Kaye, Linda, Trish We decided to start off at the Sluice Bridge, where a Water Vole had been seen last week. Look below to see if we were successful or not! After spending some time there, we set off back along the Bund Path and […]

05 Sep

Wildwatch: 5 September 2012: The Return Of The Vole!

Weather: Warm with sunny intervals Observers: Hazel, Ian, Janetta, Kaye, Kaj, Linda What a contrast in the weather from the pouring rain we experienced last week! And the weather change was reflected in the quality of our sightings today. Our bird count was higher than in the past three weeks, butterflies were on the wing […]

29 Aug

Wildwatch: 29 August 2012 – Hairy Monster In The Rain!

Weather: Heavy, continuous rain! Observers: Ian, Janetta (who unfortunately never managed to connect with the Group), Kaye, Richard, Sean, Tom, Tony It was an intrepid bunch of us which set off in the pouring rain and endured it for an hour and a half! We had no specific project, except to see where Richard was […]

24 Aug

Wildwatch: 22nd August 2012 – Galling!

Weather: warm, cloudy with sunny intervals Observers: Hannah, Janetta, Linda, Tom, Kaye We and the butterflies may be hoping it’s still summer, but as far as the plants are concerned it’s definitely early autumn. The vegetation has reached its maximum growth (or so the rangers hope), and fruits and seeds are everywhere. As the breeding […]

17 Aug

Wildwatch: 15th August 2012 – Three sharp-eyed mice

Weather: sunny intervals, warm, humid. Observers: Linda, Tom, Kaye, Rangers and Park Volunteers The regular Wednesday walk was suspended to enable us to attend a small mammal identification workshop run by Ann Hanson of the Yorkshire Mammal Group. Birds: there were a few, but frankly we weren’t watching carefully enough. Wood Pigeons attracted a certain […]

08 Aug

Wildwatch: 8th August 2012 – Butterflies Galore (and none of them plastic!)

Weather: Sunny intervals, warm Observers: Hanna, Hannah, Ian, Kaye, Linda (and Ginger!) We were accompanied on most of the walk round the reserve by Ginger (pictured right), who made occasional forays into the undergrowth, with one successful hunting trip (our only rodent sighting of the morning!). We followed the Bund Path round to Tang Hall […]

03 Aug

Wildwatch: 1st August 2012 – Partying Flies take over Lamp-post

Weather: fairly warm, cloudy Observers: Hannah, Matt, Richard, Tom (Kaye part-time) As the warm and damp weather continues, the reserve looks lush and may strike some people as a bit overgrown. “Balsam bashing” has begun, but the Rangers’ teams are leaving as much as possible to grow and mature. It has been a difficult summer […]

26 Jul

Wildwatch: 25th July 2012 – Spotty adolescent steals show!

Weather:  overcast, warm. Observers:  Hanna, Hannah, Kaj, Linda, Kaye Elusive birds and insects continue to present one sort of recording challenge, while the wealth of flowering plants presents another. The grass is still luxuriant and likely to remain so for a while. An experimental cutting regime has begun along the eastern boundary, but scything the […]