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05 Jan

January 2013: Spotlight on.. Siskin

  Siskin Carduelis spinus Siskins are endearing, acrobatic little finches, which are found throughout the UK. They breed in coniferous and mixed forest, with a preference for Spruce. In North Yorkshire, in the breeding season, they favour woodlands in the North York Moors and the Howardian Hills, but in the winter, they come down to […]

03 Jan

Wildwatch: 3 January 2013 – Signs of Spring already!

Weather: Drizzle for first half hour, then just overcast. Cool. Very light breeze. Poor light Observers: Ian, Kaye, Janetta The weather might have been dull for this, the first Wildwatch of 2013, but in the bird song and behaviour, and in some of the plant life, there were some promises of the Spring which will […]

21 Dec

Wildwatch: 19 December 2012 – Pre-Christmas Bird Bonanza!

Weather: Cool, overcast, poor light, light cold breeze later Observers: Hannah, Ian, Janetta, Kaye Well, it was a dull, miserable looking morning when we set out at 10 am, heading out along the Bund Path. And for the first 20 minutes, we saw practically nothing.. a few White Dead Nettle flowers, Woodpigeons and Magpies. Although […]

12 Dec

Wildwatch: 12 December 2012 – Nature on a frosty morning

Weather: Thin cloud, calm, cold (-2C) Observers: Ian, Kaye, Roger It was certainly a bit nippy today! But the persisting frost added a new dimension to St Nicks, with everything glistening white and shining, despite the dull light. The calm air encouraged the birds to come out and show themselves, and the plants and trees […]

08 Dec

Wildwatch: 5 December 2012 – Flowers, birds.. and worms!

Weather: Sunny, cold (1C), light NW breeze Observers: Carrie, Hannah, Ian, Janetta, Kaye, Kaj, Tom After the recent wet weather, the water level in the two becks had gone down considerably, and we were treated to a sunny morning, with beautiful winter light. We had a visiting lumbricologist with us today (puzzled? see below), so […]

30 Nov

Wildwatch: 28 November 2012 – Nearly December, and we’ve still got flowers!

Weather: Cool, with a breeze at times. Early morning clouds cleared to give a mainly sunny morning. Observers: Ian, Kaye, Kaj, Linda, Roger After the recent flooding in York and elsewhere in North Yorkshire, both Osbaldwick and Tang Hall Becks were still very high, but levels had fallen in the past day or so. We […]

26 Nov

Nicole: Working on the Booklet

On Monday, I edited the short pieces I wrote for the booklet and talked over what I have left to do with the book in the time I have left here in York. After lunch, the Bearing Fruit project went out to turn compost. Trees need to be planted soon, but some compost had to […]

21 Nov

Wildwatch: 21 November 2012 – NOTHING stops the Wildwatch team!!

Weather: Absolutely foul! A band of heavy rain, which caused flooding in SW England today, covered St Nicks for most of the morning. It was mild, and with a light breeze.. but very, very wet! Observers: The intrepid trio.. Hannah, Ian, Kaye (see rain-sodden photo of two of them right!) We set off, with gritted […]

19 Nov

Nicole: Starting a New project

On Monday, I started my first interview for a new booklet to be coming out soon. It’s going to be about St. Nick’s through the seasons and the people that are involved. I sorted some papers and in the afternoon, went out with the only two Bearing Fruit volunteers that showed up because of the […]

15 Nov

Wildwatch: 14 November 2012 – “Normal” isn’t “Boring”!

Weather: Overcast. Calm at first, increasing breeze later. Coolish! Observers: Hannah, Ian, Janetta, Kaye, Linda We had a very leisurely stroll round the reserve, spending quite a bit of time looking closely at very small things – such as galls! We strolled along the Bund Path and followed our normal route from there along the […]