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Annual report 2013-14 & looking forward

Anneliese reciting a poem about tree bumblebees

Anneliese reciting a poem about tree bumblebees

St Nicks’ AGM on 15th July 2014 wasn’t just an opportunity to enjoy our patron Anneliese Emmans Dean’s wonderful Buzzing performance but it was also a time to reflect on what St Nicks has achieved since its inception as a charity in 1997. Over the past two decades or so, we have turned a clay-capped rubbish tip into a thriving 24-acre species-rich nature reserve. This couldn’t have been achieved without our amazing volunteers who have clocked up well over 80,000 hours of volunteer time.

Over those years we have also held over 400 events attracting more than 10,000 people, and provided education sessions for over 20,000 school children. Our recycling and composting advice services diverted 5,650 tonnes of “waste” (we call it resources) from landfill and given composting advice to 13,800 residents.

This was the last AGM of the old Friends of St Nicholas Fields charity which has been superseded by a charitable incorporated organisation with the working name of St Nicks.


Volunteers building a path

Volunteers building a path

2013-14 Annual Report

The figures for our last financial year are also rather impressive:


Looking ahead

We are pretty chuffed about all those figures but want to do even more and better in the future. Over the last year we have worked to develop the Vision, Mission and Values of St Nicks and a strategy to take us to 2020. Within that, the impacts we aim to make are:

  1. Zero Carbon –Reduce the amount of carbon being produced in York
  2. Zero Waste – Reduce the amount of waste generated in York
  3. Local & Sustainable Food – Increase access to and use of local, seasonal and organic produce by the residents of and visitors to York
  4. Land use & Wildlife – Increase access to wild spaces and biodiversity in York
  5. Health & Well-being – Increase the number of York residents leading happy and healthy lives

We aim to do this through current projects as well as new ones and through more partnership work with other organisations. To achieve our aims we rely on a great team of volunteers and staff and the support of our members. If you would like to help, please join us or get in touch. We hope you are ready for another full year of activities and achievements at York’s centre for nature and green living!

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