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3 reasons why YOUR actions matter: join us on Tue 12th January 2020 for Ta(l)king Action

It’s good to see the government somewhat stepping up its ambition to tackle climate change and stimulate a green recovery from the Covid pandemic. We could argue over how revolutionary the 10 Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution is, or how well it compares with the more holistic plan presented by the Climate Coalition, which St Nicks has endorsed alongside another 69 organisations. What doesn’t need arguing about is the fact that both the pandemic and climate change are affecting our lives. Both are invisible threats whose impacts are felt across the society, albeit in different ways and with differing force. Both require us all to take action because there is only so much any government can do.

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Few people now disbelieve the scientific consensus that climate change is happening and is caused by human activities – click on the cartoon to see results of national surveys

Yet the climate emergency, which hasn’t stopped during the pandemic, seems so much harder to talk about; let alone to act on. According to Climate Outreach’s extensive research, the vast majority of Brits, regardless of income, background or politics, agree that climate change concerns all of us and is caused by human activity. Where the various population segments disagree is what to do about it and who needs to act. It can all be rather overwhelming because there are lots of different solutions, some better than others and some that contradict each other. It can also feel like no-one else is bothering so why should you, or that there’s enough to be getting on with just trying to survive from day to day. All of these are perfectly valid, understandable positions.

St Nicks’ mission is to make it easier for everyone to adopt a sustainable, healthy lifestyle which aligns our individual as well as collective wellbeing with that of the unique planet we all share. Here are just three reasons why what you do matters:

  1. Inaction is action, too

Just like with the pandemic, whatever we do or not do has an impact on us, the environment and others. When it comes to the climate as well as environmental emergency, choosing not to act makes a difference – your choice is to make it a positive one. Not choosing to decrease our carbon footprint and care for nature means actively contributing to the crises. If you were on a sinking ship, would you start bailing the water out, try to fix the hole or carry on filling in the swimming pool?

Another slightly cheeky and provocative way to look at it is expressed in this ‘Choose Life’ video by the Climate Coalition and Global Goals who are calling for the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill.


  1. Acting on climate is good for you

York Open Eco Homes headerThere are many benefits to be had from helping to address the crises. No-one is perfect or can do it all but we can all enjoy some perks. Making homes warmer by properly insulating them is good for our health as well as pockets. Choosing active travel such as walking or cycling improves our health and reduces air pollution for everyone. Adopting the Planetary Health Diet is another win win while spending more time in nature is increasingly recognised as essential for our wellbeing. For various reasons some of us may not have these choices and this is where the government definitely needs to step in to make those available, for instance by providing funding for energy efficiency home improvements through the Green Homes Grants.

Some of us may be so worried about it all that we can get overwhelmed, which affects our ability to make those kinds of choices. Science shows, however, that eco-anxiety can actually be countered by taking action and living more in line with our beliefs.


  1. You’re not alone

There’s a growing community of people out there who all want to make a difference in a myriad ways. From community energy groups, tree planters and local food growers to no flyers, artists and protesters – whatever your interest or passion, there will be others who share it and want to use it to improve the world such as the Oxford lot in the video below.

If you’re not sure where to start, join us for a monthly online debate and inspiration sharing with a twist – at the end of each session you will be invited to publicly pledge an action on our given topic. This could be making a change at home or workplace, supporting someone else or an organisation to do more, or talking about the issue to your MP, family and others. No matter how much or little you’re already doing, you will get new action ideas by taking part and connecting to like-minded people. Pledges will be reviewed the following month and you will have access to them after the events.

2020 has not been the best year for humankind; let’s start the New Year by pledging to make a positive difference wherever we can. Together we can achieve even more so join us on 12th January 2021 to start Ta(l)king Action – book your place via Eventbrite.

Post written by Sustainability Officer Ivana Jakubkova


26 November 2020 | Categories: One Planet Living