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ZCBreportThe future could be bright and green(er). In this section of our blog we will start featuring things, projects, people and organisations that inspire us in our attempts to help bring about the vision of York as a sustainable city. We want to start with the bigger picture to help guide local action. Climate change and the finite nature of non-renewable resources are issues that need addressing in our lifetime, rather than being left to future generations to worry about.  The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) has taken on the challenge of mapping a way towards sustainable Britain and produced ‘Zero Carbon Britain: Rethinking the Future’ report.

Their detailed research shows that “we can do this without relying on promises of future technology, but by using what exists now. By  making changes to our buildings, transport systems and behaviour, and by investing in a variety of renewable energy generation technologies suited to the UK (without a nuclear component), we can provide a reliable zero carbon energy supply without negatively  impacting on quality of life.” Looking at the country’s carbon budget and offering different scenarios for its reduction, the report is well-researched and provides inspiring reading. You can download  its executive summary or full version, and St Nicks members can borrow a printed copy from us for free.

After reading the report, you might like to look at how you could help to bring about the vision of Zero Carbon Britain. A good place to start might be your home. Have you done everything you can to make it  comfortable while being energy efficient or to even make your own energy? If you think you could do more, head over to Yorkshire Energy Partnership who can offer free, impartial advice. There are numerous grants and discount offers available, which they can advise you on or even help you apply for.

TIM's event flierWhen you’ve done that, why not share your experiences with others and/or help spread the word? One way to do that is to join The Incredible Movement or TIM in York – a community movement driving change through small actions: fast, easy, fun, cheap. Head over to the website to find out more or come along to TIM’s World Cafe event on Sat 7th December.

29 November 2013 | Categories: Inspiration | Tags: Centre for Alternative Technology, Inspiration, TIM in York, Yorkshire Energy Partnership, Zero Carbon Britain