Meet the Ecotherapy team: Words from the Wild tutor William Davidson

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Meet the Ecotherapy team: Words from the Wild tutor William Davidson

Ecotherapy tutor William Davidson at St Nicks nature reserve
William reading to the Words from the Wild Ecotherapy group at St Nicks.

What is your role at St Nicks and what training, employment and interests led you to this role?

I run Words From the Wild with Emma. We used to run Book Club and Creative Writing separately, but now they’re combined, which is great! While I was studying at the Centre for Writing at York St John University, I was involved with the Pollination Project – learning about bees. We read about bees, wrote about bees, and the art staff and students painted, drew, and sculpted them. We even published an anthology of our work. It was set up by Professor Abi Curtis, who is a poet and novelist – we’ve read some of Abi’s poems at Book Club. I’ve also been a reader and researcher for The Novel Cure, a book that prescribes novels to cure ailments, all about the power of literature!

What does a typical day involve?

Bee on teasel

A bumblebee collecting pollen from a teasel at St Nicks. Taken by William.

At the moment, while we can’t get out and meet up, there’s a lot of reading, trying to find books that we may use in Words From the Wild. Emma’s still publishing her blog with writing tasks, and I’m sending out emails to Ecotherapy participants with extracts of writing. When we can meet in person at St Nicks, I read an extract aloud, we discuss it as a group, and we explore the reserve with the writing still fresh in our minds.

What aspects of Ecotherapy are you passionate about and why is Ecotherapy so important?

Something positive happens for everyone’s wellbeing when we meet to explore literature, have a go at writing ourselves, and we look closely at the wonderful wildlife that thrives at St Nicks.

What would you say to somebody who is thinking about enrolling on to Ecotherapy?

Come and join us! There’s a lovely atmosphere, and it’s a beautiful place to be.

What’s your favourite way to connect with nature?

Bench at St Nicks nature reserve

St Nicks nature reserve where Words from the Wild meet. Taken by William.

I love watching bees – obviously!

Do you have a top tip for others who want to improve their wellbeing through connection with nature?

Look closer. We learned all about looking closer when we visited the Ruskin and Turner exhibition at the Art Gallery. We read To See Clearly: Why Ruskin Matters by Suzanne Fagence Cooper, who curated the exhibition and talked to us about the book and the art, which was brilliant. So, look closer, and enjoy!

To find out more about William’s work you can follow him on Twitter @WmDavidsonUK. To learn more about Ecotherapy including how to join William’s Words from the Wild group, take a look at our web pages here or contact Kathy Sturgess at

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