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How do we prevent a climate COP out?

Global warming world map May 2021, by NASA
Global warming trend map from May 2021, by NASA

Whether you’ve heard about COP26 (Conference of the Parties) or not yet, this is one party you shouldn’t miss. The world leaders are due to meet in Glasgow this November to discuss how to address the climate crisis and get the world on track to limiting heating of our planet to below 1.5 degrees C. The big worry is that they will “cop out” of any strong meaningful action, this time using Covid recovery as an excuse even though the issues are strongly interconnected.

For a low down on the history and workings of the COPs, head over to the ‘Boiling Point’ video series, which promises to “answer everything you wanted to know about the climate change negotiations but were too afraid to ask”:


Why get involved?

It may be tempting to leave the worrying about it all to those in charge but it’s worth remembering that it’s been almost 30 years since these conferences started taking place and fossil fuel lobbyists have done their best to slow the progress. In the meantime carbon dioxide emissions have doubled while those least responsible bear the brunt of the consequences and deserve climate justice instead.

While the Covid pandemic continues to dominate the news and our lives, the climate crisis is picking up pace and affecting an increasing number of lives. The State of the Global Climate 2020 data actually shows that “despite setbacks from COVID-19, global greenhouse gas emissions increased in 2020.” It simply will take all of us to achieve a just transition to a zero carbon world and climate justice.

Adopting more sustainable lifestyles is one part of the answer and it’s what St Nicks is all about. However, it can be really hard to make the right ethical choices because the way our society and economy are set up make it a lot harder than it ought to be. Doing one without the other drastically reduces our chances of averting a climate breakdown – as the video below illustrates, lifestyle change and system change are two sides of the same coin.

This is why it’s important to work together towards achieving both and show the world leaders that we mean it. At COP26 both the politicians and corporate lobbyists need to see that they cannot get away with dragging their heels over the massive changes required, and developing nations need our support in calling for climate justice. We, in the UK and most developed nations, have a huge historic carbon debt. Yet we are most sheltered from the climate impacts, though not all equally even within UK. And should these not be good enough arguments for climate action, do it for the coffee and chocolate?


The Time is Now bannerWays to get involved

From political to creative and simply fun, there’s a myriad of ways to make your COP26 actions count. Here are just a few but please do look out for many more emerging the closer we get to November:

Whichever option you choose or find your own, St Nicks is here to support you in our joint efforts to make a positive difference. Please get in touch if you’d like advice on any aspect of sustainable living and we’ll do our best to help.

Post written by Sustainability Officer Ivana Jakubkova

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