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Wildwatch: 25th January 2012 – Take note of your Elders!

Weather: Cloudy with occasional sunny spells; light breeze sometimes freshening; fairly mild but with distinct wind chill factor. Observers: Janetta, Linda, Phil, Kaye After a very wet Tuesday, some of the unmade paths were muddy and water levels in the Becks were fairly high, but Spring was cautiously back in the air, with singing birds, […]

Posted 25 January 2012 | Categories: Wildwatch | Tags: Hawthorn Siskin Redpoll

Wildwatch 18th January 2012 – Male dominance threatens food supply!

Weather:  Broken cloud with bright spells, relatively mild. Observers: Janetta, Kaj, Linda, Phil, Kaye Yesterday was bitterly cold and frosty.  This morning the frost had vanished, leaving the air rather damp and the thawing ground rather muddy, and causing Scott to speculate on whether the sun had come out during the night.  The day felt […]

Posted 19 January 2012 | Categories: Wildwatch | Tags: hazel goldcrest redwing

Wildwatch: 11 January 2012 – Red Lesser Day!

Weather: Mild, cloudy but dry and quite bright, fairly still. Observers:  Linda, Kaye Birds were singing, spring was in the air, and the very mild weather made it a good day for lingering, so we covered less ground than usual but were amazed at how fast the time passed.  Tang Hall Beck was still high, […]

Posted 13 January 2012 | Categories: Wildwatch

Wildwatch: 4 January 2012 – A grey (and a colourful) start to the New Year!

Weather: Overcast, occasional light drizzle, fresh breeze Observers: Linda, Ian The skies might have been grey, but St Nicks still had plenty of colour! And it wasn’t just the birds, but there were still a few flowers lingering on. Both the becks had a good volume of water, flowing strongly with a brown, muddy appearance. […]

Posted 4 January 2012 | Categories: Wildwatch | Tags: Rewdwing, Yarrow

Wildwatch: 21 December – A “little cutie” and a “little early”

Weather: Overcast, dull, mild (6C) and calm Observers: Kaye, Linda, Phil, Ian It might have been dull and overcast, but some colour was brought into the scenery by the many Bullfinches we saw and, yes, on this, the shortest day in the year, some flowers as well! It stopped raining shortly before we set off, but […]

Posted 21 December 2011 | Categories: Wildwatch | Tags: brown rat, early flowers, goldcrest, kingfisher, lesser celandine, rat

Wildwatch: 14 December – Kingfisher! Not just a blue flash in the pan!

Weather: Bright & sunny at first, cloudy later. Cool nip in the breeze when it blew. Observers: Linda, Kaye, Phil, Ian We were favoured, once again, with a clear and sunny start to the morning, with some beautiful light conditions. Osbaldwick Beck had a good flow of water, with some minor flooding over the bank. […]

Posted 14 December 2011 | Categories: Wildwatch | Tags: flood, kingfisher, Mallard, Siskin

Wildwatch: 7 December – Galls, Gulls and Gusts!

Weather: Heavy showers, sunny intervals, cool, fresh to strong, gusty wind Observers: Phil, Kaye, Kaj, Janetta, Ian A grey, wintery sky promised rain as we set off from the Centre – and we got it! It was a cold and very wet rain when it arrived, but fortunately it only lasted about half an hour. […]

Posted 7 December 2011 | Categories: Wildwatch | Tags: Lapwing, Lesser Black-backed Gull, Marble Gall

Wildwatch: 30 November – Osbaldwick Beck alive with birds!

Weather: Clear, sunny, bright – but cool. Observers: Ian, Janetta, Kaye, Linda It’s surprising, isn’t it, how sunshine brings the Autumn colours back again! Last week we reported that the autumn colours were fading fast, but today they seemed as beautiful as ever. One particularly striking area was Tang Hall Beck, near the Dragon Stones, […]

Posted 30 November 2011 | Categories: Wildwatch | Tags: kingfisher, Siskin, water vole

Wildwatch: 23 November – At last – a Siskin.. and a possible new flower!

Weather: Overcast, dry, slight breeze, cool. Observers: Kaye, Linda, Phil, Ian The paths on the reserve are now well covered with leaves, and the autumn colours are now fading fast, leaving a greyer, bare-branched landscape. But, far from being dull, St Nicks today was a fascinating place! Birds: A nice sight, as we left the […]

Posted 23 November 2011 | Categories: Wildwatch | Tags: black nightshade, Hoverfly, Mistle Thrush, Siskin, Song Thrush

Wildwatch: 16 November – “Aggressive, carnivorous predator” at St Nicks!

  Weather: Overcast, dull, no wind, cool. Observers: Ian, Kaye, Kaj, Kirsty, Linda, Janetta, Phil Yes, a typical November day! But, with a good number of observers today, we found a wide range of bird and flower species, as well as the “aggressive, carnivorous predator”, more of which later! The autumn colours are fading now, and many […]

Posted 16 November 2011 | Categories: Wildwatch | Tags: Devil's Coach Horse beetle, redwing, Wildwatch, Woodcock