St Nicks

Centre for nature and green living


St Nicks is the green heart of York, a nature reserve and environment centre located just 1 mile from the city centre. We started by transforming a former landfill site into a thriving Local Nature Reserve (LNR) and we continue to manage it with the help of over 200 volunteers per year! From our eco-friendly base at St Nicks Environment Centre we run projects and services that help residents of York move towards a sustainable future. Our mission is to create lasting positive change in actions and attitudes of York residents to enable them to move towards a sustainable future and we run projects and services to help us achieve this goal.

Our organisation is a major player in the local sector, encompassing a dedicated team of staff and volunteers. In 2016/17 we are thrilled to have been chosen as one of the Lord Mayor’s Charities of the year as well as commencing a three-year partnership with Goodricke College at the University of York. St Nicks is a great place to work and volunteer – please see below if you would like to join our team by filling one of our current job/volunteer vacancies.


Sorry, we currently have no vacancies. If you would still like to get involved, we have many exciting voluntary opportunities available.  For more information, have a look at our Volunteering Page or get in touch at


This page was last updated 21 Apr 2017